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WATER ART Creation

Now amateur artists can find joy in art too, Let the colors recharge and rejuvenate your weary soul.

More than 700 years ago, the Turkish people created the mysterious Ebru water marbling art that wowed crowds. 200 years later, Dutch impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh created his masterpiece- Starry Night, the swirling lines of hills, mountains, and sky in the brilliantly contrasting blues and yellows paved a new era in art.

Today, Colorpy combines the best of both worlds by creating a new era for water art creations. Now, anyone can experiment and understand the beauty of colors. You can now create your own masterpieces in just under 10 minutes, not just on paper, but on caps, shirts, and scarves too. Be unafraid to show your own uniqueness and creativity through Colorpy.

Colorpy’s mission: Everyone has beauty inside them, Colorpy hopes to bring out everyone’s inner beauty to brighten up our society

"Family friendly, artist friendly, Colorpy will be your new best friend."

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