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We provide creativity, fun and happiness for you and your kids !

Who We Are

Color + Art Therapy = Happiness

Our product was created with the means of enabling everyone to recharge and rejuvenate their weary souls with Colorpy. We let you create unique pieces yourself.

With Colorpy, there is no such thing as a mistake in art. Colorpy water art creations leave abundant room for creativity, yet at the same time keeps things short and simple. It doesn’t just stop here, Colorpy isn’t just limited to paper, you are free to create your art pieces on any medium – scarves, hijabs, phone cases, stones… you name it.

Family friendly, artist friendly, Colorpy will be your new best friend.

Try our Experience Bundle!

Curious yet hesitant to splurge on a new product? Our experience bundle provides you with all the tools an amateur water artist will need on their first time at an affordable price. You are guaranteed to fall in love with Colorpy.

Holiday series: think beaches and relaxing Sundays.
Fashion series: think bold, bright and glamorous.
Tea Time series: think pastel and retro.

Colorpy Experience Bundles

Our Experience Bundles have everything ready!

Give us a review on what we can improve on or what new things you would like to see next.

Colorpy Holiday Series


No limits, no boundaries. Everyone is free to create as your imagination takes you. Think bigger, bolder, wilder.


Have fun watching colors mix and swirl together on the water. Share your happiness with your family and friends and bond together through art.


Art can rejuvenate and recharge your soul. Sometimes, everyone needs a break from the dullness and stress of everyday work and responsibilities. Well, Colorpy’s got your back.


Colorpy products has been verified as environmentally friendly. Our paint bottles have children safety locks on them, no fear, you don’t need to hide anything from your curious toddler.

*Free shipping for purchase over RM 120.00

What People Say

Happy Faces

Here are the reviews and sharing from real people after using Colorpy...

I was afraid of making mistakes painting, drawing, but Colorpy made me realize that mistakes can be beautiful too.

Jane Wong, Kuala Lumpur

My kids love to paint with Colorpy, and show me all their art proudly!

Terry Tsang, Puchong

Impressive, it's a great product. Worth a try if you need to relax and be creative.

Sally White, Ipoh

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Family friendly, artist friendly, Colorpy will be your new best friend.

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